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Legal assistance with an employment contract dispute

Although most California workers are at-will employees, some work pursuant to an employment contract. An employment contract will typically include provisions for payment and duration. For those who have a contractual agreement with their employer, it is important to recognize when there has been a breach of contract.

For example, if the employee is fired and does not receive the benefits that he or she is supposed to get under the contract, that could be the basis for a breach of contract lawsuit. A legal dispute may also arise if there is a dispute as to what the parties agreed to. Employment law can be difficult to understand, especially for someone who believed that the contract would be lived up to by the employer. So many issues can arise with employment that the employee might not even be aware when there has been a violation.

Perhaps there were health care benefits that were supposed to have been provided; there might have been a certain number of sick days that the employee was supposed to get; it could be that the worker was meant to have a secure position for a defined tenure and that agreement was violated. Employees who believe their rights have been ignored or the terms of an employment contract were breached may have the right to bring an employment lawsuit against the employer.

Everyone who has a job in California has certain rights under the law. When these rights are violated, a lawsuit is sometimes the only way to achieve justice and compensation. For assistance in filing a claim for violations of an employment agreement, speaking to a lawyer with experience in employment contracts can be helpful.


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