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Man claims unlawful discrimination at high-end shoe store

Although people in California and across the U.S. are receiving increased freedom and rights to express themselves as they see fit when it comes to their sexual orientation and how they identify themselves, there are still instances of unlawful discrimination occurring on a regular basis. Those who have been subjected to violations of employment law based on these factors need to know that they have the right to seek compensation for the wrongs they believe were perpetrated against them by their employers.

A man has filed a lawsuit against a high-end shoe company because he asserts that he was subjected to harassment and discrimination by a supervisor at the store he was working in. The 40-year-old man was working at Jimmy Choo and, when he complained about the treatment, says he was fired. The case alleges that he was wrongfully terminated because of his race – he is Latino – and his sexual orientation. The man says that he was hired to work as a sales associate in 2011 and the next year, he started working in Beverly Hills. Not long after he started work there, he says that he was subjected to taunts, insults and derogatory statements because he is a homosexual and Latino. In addition, the supervisor made derogatory statements after the man’s partner died after 12 years together.

The man says that he reported the treatment to management on numerous occasions, but nothing changed. In 2014, he says that his female supervisor reported a sale that he made as her own. He confronted her and she made more abusive statements to him. The sale was credited to the supervisor and the man was dismissed, leading to his decision to file a case for wrongful termination and other allegations. The company did not respond to a request for comment in this case.

Unlawful discrimination can come in many different forms. Those who are treated in such a way might not even realize it is happening to them or that they have the right to protest and seek compensation for the treatment. If an employee believes that they lost their job due to discrimination, or there has been discriminatory behavior going on, speaking to an attorney about a legal case can help to achieve justice.

Source: patch.com, “Man Claims Discrimination Sues Jimmy Choo for Wrongful Termination,” April 28, 2016


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