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Age discrimination at work: What do you do?

Consider that above post headline for a moment, especially if you’re a relatively older employee at your workplace.

If that reality is, well, real for you, you need to take a breath and then do something to better the situation. Although every case is of course different and needs careful fleshing out with the assistance of a proven California employment law attorney, one fundamental and universally relevant point is immediately germane regarding every instance of age discrimination.

And that is this: If you’re the target of such conduct and behavior, you don’t need to silently suffer it. It is flatly unlawful, and both a host of state and federal laws exist that provide legal remedies against it.

A seminal and longstanding federal law that targets workplace age discrimination is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. That legislation — which is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — applies to both workers and prospective employees who are at least 40 years of age.

That threshold age limit applicable to the ADEA does not foreclose remedies against job-related age discrimination suffered by workers under 40, though, given local and state laws that also protect those workers.

The point: If you’re a worker who is on the receiving end of on-the-job behaviors that target you in an adverse manner because of your age (read jokes at your expense, opportunities given other workers that are denied to you, layoffs that target only your age group, job training made available only to younger workers and so forth), don’t passively endure that workplace reality.

Because, again, it is illegal, and you are far from powerless to respond against it.


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