Former legal assistants move forward with sexual harassment case

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

Employees in California who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment must realize that these acts can fall into a wide range of categories and even incidents that they do not believe to have violated the law might be the basis for a legal filing. No one should be subjected to harassment at work no matter what form it is. Sexual harassment is particularly egregious. Anyone who has lost a job or simply believes that the person is a victim of harassment should understand how the law works and what recourse there is.

An attorney who has been active in filing a large number of cases alleging violations related to the Americans with Disabilities Act is now facing a sexual harassment case filed by four female former employees. According to the women, they claim that the work environment ventured into what they termed as “grotesque.” They say that they were compelled to feed their disabled boss, brush his teeth, brush his hair, dress him, undress him and even go so far as to floss his teeth. The women say they had been hired to function as legal assistants. They were subjected to monitoring via video when they were at work and when they were not.

The attorney, who is quadriplegic, is alleged to have had the women go beyond their jobs and give him care that is called “sexually erotic” in the filing. The women were under the impression that they were required to do this because of their employer’s condition. The women got the jobs in spite of not having anything beyond a high school education. The women say that on their first day of employment, they were required to go into his room and help him with various intimate tasks in spite of the man having the ability to use his arms and hands.

As this case shows, a sexual harassment claim does not necessarily have to involve one person making sexual comments or advances toward another worker. It can involve various behaviors that could be construed as part of the course of employment but, in actuality, are not. Those who believe they have been victimized in a similar way or think they have been asked to perform tasks that could be construed as harassing should contact and speak to a legal professional about filing a lawsuit to be compensated.

Source:, “Serial ADA lawsuit filer sued for ‘grotesque’ sexual harassment,” Matthias Gafni, April 11, 2016


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