Former restaurant employee alleges sexual harassment in CA

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

Although the parameters of acceptable behavior in the workplace when it comes to sexual harassment are becoming more well-known in San Diego and across the country, this does not mean that all employment environments will adhere to them. Many people, both male and female, are still subjected to harassment at work leading to uncomfortable situations, problems doing the job and even losing the job by feeling compelled to quit or through being dismissed. It is with this in mind that an employee who believes that the person was a victim of harassment needs to understand how to file a sexual harassment claim.

A female former worker at a Mexican fast food chain has filed a lawsuit claiming that she and other female employees at her place of employment were confronted with unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment and other behaviors that violated their rights. She states that she was wrongfully terminated, faced sexual harassment, was retaliated against and discriminated against. She worked at the job from December 2013 until this past February.

She says that part of her job description was to wear a uniform. The one that was ordered for her was too small. When she complained, the manager asked her if it was due to the size of her breasts. She received another shirt that was also too small. In addition, she says that the manager made attempts to hug her by force and touched her beneath her shirt. Comments by managers were made about the body of another worker and that worker was ridiculed her due to a negative web review.

In many jobs, workers might not even be aware of the lines that cannot be crossed when it comes to sexual harassment claims. In others, they might be afraid to protest for fear of having it affect their employment. Regardless of the situation, workers who are dealing with unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment or any other form of untoward behavior while on the job need to know that there are laws in place that accord them protections and the right to be compensated in a legal filing.

Source:, “Former Chipotle Employee Files Lawsuit Over ‘Sexually Charged Atmosphere’,” Jonathan Lloyd, March 17, 2016


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