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Do you know how 2016 employment law changes may affect you?

As we say farewell to 2015, California employers are busy preparing for the changes that will take place after the new year. With so many changes on the horizon, it is probably a good idea for employers to make sure that they understand what the changes entail and how it may affect their business.

There have been numerous changes in California’s employment law that are slated to begin on Jan. 1, 2016. However, whether you are a business owner or an employee, are you informed how these new laws will impact your lively hood? A recent article in the National Law Review, highlights the new 2016 laws and summarizes what to expect. In this post, we will provide a highlight of just a few of the changes ringing in 2016.

  • California Fair Pay Act (CFPA) – This new law is touted to be one of the country’s strictest law governing gender-based wage differences. Those who feel discriminated due to their gender are now able to identify other workers who carry out similar job responsibilities and are making more money than they are. Employers must then prove that the claims are false by providing legitimate factors that measure wage differences such as; quantity or quality of work, seniority or merit systems.
  • Minimum wage increase – While some cities in California already adhere to this amount, the rest of California will be required to pay workers a minimum wage of $10 per hour.
  • Discrimination, retaliation and whistleblower protections – First, employees who have filed a complaint against their employer and are currently under protection, can now rest assured that their family members will also be protected from any retaliation. Next, employers are prevented from retaliating or discriminating against an employee who requests religious or physical accommodations, regardless of whether the requested are granted.

These new laws are just the tip of the iceberg for 2016s employment law changes. Employers should make sure that they are familiar with how these changes may affect their business by contacting an attorney who is experienced in employment law.


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