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EEOC on workplace reality: discrimination still widespread

Suffering discrimination at the workplace in California or anywhere else in the United States is not something that any worker ever needs to so.

There is no need to meekly endure discriminatory treatment for any reason and with a powerless belief that recourse is not an option.

It is. As we note on a relevant page of our website, “There are numerous laws in place to protect employees of all kinds from unlawful discrimination.”

Many of those laws followed from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, seminal federal legislation that outlawed workplace discrimination in many forms. The protections accorded discrimination victims under Title VII have been materially expanded since the law’s inception more 50 years ago.

A recent article written by Jenny Yang, who heads the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), references the great strides made in workplaces across the United States over the past half century. Yang necessarily adds, though, that notwithstanding many salutary developments, workplace-related racial discrimination continues to rear its ugly head “in job segregation, unequal pay, harassment and retaliation as well as in disparities in hiring and advancement.”

As Yang impliedly notes, that pernicious and persistent on-the-job discrimination goes far beyond merely being wrong; indeed, it is flatly intolerable and must be combated at every step.

An experienced employment law firm with attorneys well versed in handling work-related claims and advocating passionately and knowledgeably on behalf of discrimination victims can help fight against workplace injustices.

Unfortunately, those are still many, with discriminatory behavior targeting a number of legally protected categories, including age, gender, sexual orientation, national heritage, religion, disability and — as noted above — race.

Again, victims are not powerless. Timely and aggressive legal advocacy on their behalf can help ensure the eradication of wrongful conduct and the vitally important reality of a fundamentally fair work environment.


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