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Undermining fair competition: age-based workplace discrimination

Employment law history in California and the United States is both turbulent and fascinating, being centrally marked over many decades by progressive efforts to level the playing field among workers competing for jobs and promotions.

Put another way: Myriad work-based factors have often favored select employees in many ways (in hiring, advancement, compensation and so forth), while undermining or firmly shutting the door on the prospects of disfavored job applicants and employees.

Over time, both federal and state legislation has emerged to address workplace inequities and promote impartiality in work environments nationally. A discrimination-free workplace is far from being a universal reality in America, but legal enactments and the strong enforcement efforts of reformists, impassioned employment law attorneys and other concerned parties have incrementally and steadily introduced growing fairness into the employment landscape.

To wit: It is patently unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a job applicant or employee on numerous specified grounds, including race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender and age.

In today's post (and in our immediately following entry, as well), we take a look at that last factor.

Age discrimination in the workplace is certainly a timely and relevant focus, given the many millions of baby boomers approaching the last stage of their working careers or on the very cusp of retirement.

Sadly, many persons in that demographical group report overt age-based discrimination aimed against them as they either seek new employment or simply seek to persevere in their present jobs.

Ample evidence supports their claims. We will delve into some specifics in our next post.

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