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America’s millions of older workers, Part 2: Getting a fair shake?

Economically, times continue to be tough for many individuals and families in California and across the country as the nation continues its claw back from the so-called Great Recession of recent years.

Nowhere is that clearer than in workplaces spanning the United States, as hiring and retention continue to be marked by successive spurts and stalls and a marked unevenness.

Many singular groups comprising the employee demographic likely have legitimate complaints that they are unduly suffering from unfair treatment as they pursue employment or try to get ahead on the job.

Do older workers have legitimate grievances? That is, does the argument that age discrimination in the employment context is a widespread and recurring problem command strong validity?

As we noted in our immediately preceding blog post, a considerable amount of evidence suggests that it does.

Consider this, for example: The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics noted in a recent report that persons 55 years of age or older spent on average far more time last year searching for work while unemployed than did individuals under 25.

And baby boomer-aged workers and job applicants routinely cite discrimination leveled against them that is solely age-based. Over the past 10 years, there has been a 15-percent spike in age discrimination claims filed by older workers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

One principal with the advocacy group AARP notes that, while age discrimination is widespread in America’s work places, “proving age discrimination in hiring decisions is very difficult.”

Notwithstanding the challenges that can exist for older workers and would-be employees, many of them can benefit from the knowledge that a panoply of federal and state laws flatly disallow workplace discrimination based on age and provide strong remedies against violators.

A proven employment law attorney who advocates on behalf of workers suffering from workplace discrimination can answer questions and provide diligent and client-empathetic representation in any employment-related matter.


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