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Overview: the diverse and complex universe of employment law

The American legal landscape is wide and, within it, there is perhaps no other subject matter quite so complex and wide ranging as employment law.

Our readers in California and elsewhere might consider for a moment that employment-related processes and disputes affect scores of millions of workers in both the private and public sectors (with that latter realm comprising, of course, both the federal and state governments).

And across that broad sphere, the potential for misunderstandings and conflict in employer-employee relationships can seem virtually limitless.

It is essentially a cliché to say that most American workers toil hard for their paychecks. The national workforce is, collectively, a tremendously vibrant body of men and women who expend considerable time and energy on behalf of their employers’ business goals.

Although they expect a good-faith response to that, obviously, they don’t always get it.

What they sometimes do get is employment discrimination based on race/color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious tradition and additional factors.

Alternatively, many workers in California and across the country are subjected to physical, verbal and sexual harassment. Sometimes they are wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for reporting unlawful workplace practices and policies. Many workers are injured by employers’ wage-and hour violations that serve to deny them the pay they rightfully deserve.

The attorneys at San Diego Employment Attorneys Group, a long-tenured employment law firm with multiple offices in Southern California, work with passion and conviction to promote the legal rights of employees who are experiencing unlawful treatment at the workplace. Our lawyers collectively command more than a century of on-point experience aggressively advocating on behalf of workers in employment law cases.

We welcome readers’ questions and inquiries, and invite closest scrutiny of our attorneys and practice online at our California Employment Law page.

We appreciate your visit and seek to regularly engage our readers throughout Southern California and elsewhere with insightful and timely blog posts addressing employment law-related matters.


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