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School board official accused of infringing upon employee rights

Californians in high-ranking positions must take care to be respectful to their co-workers and to the employees who work below them. For example, they must refrain from infringing upon the employee rights of their co-workers. Also, they must refrain from engaging in sexual harassment and other forms of co-worker bullying and abuse, which are prohibited in the state of California and elsewhere.

Recently, a school board member employed in the Los Angeles area was accused of treating his subordinate employees inappropriately. One claim of sexual harassment has been formally lodged against him. In addition, other informal claims, citing inappropriate behavior, have been made. Workplace bullying, retaliation, and threats of firing people if they failed to cooperate with him, among other claims have been made.

The school board member, who is informally referred to as 'Dr. Death,' claims that he is innocent of all the allegations being brought against him. He claims that he is not only honest, but he does not engage in retaliation. Currently, his actions are under investigation. However, the results of those investigations remain to be seen and whether or not the man will be convicted of the crimes alleged against him will not be known until a later time.

In the State of California, legal options are available to the victims of sexual harassment and workplace abuse. Therefore, no one should stand for it to continue, especially when he or she is the victim. Laws also protect victims who face termination should they report the abuse of their employee rights.

Source: Huffington Post, "Richard Vladovic, LAUSD Board Member, Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Known As 'Dr. Death'," Barbara Jones, June 27, 2013