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California residents may notice workplace discrimination change

California residents may be aware of workplace discrimination, but may not realize there are several types or how often it occurs. Most employees appreciate a safe, comfortable work environment. A recent bill that focuses on religious discrimination is drawing attention to wall workplace discrimination nationwide.

The bill has brought attention to those workers that wear specific clothing for religious reasons or wear certain facial hair that at times may not be allowed in the workplace. This is being seen as discrimination and people are asking for a change. One lawmaker was quoted as saying, ‘No one should have to choose between their job, making a living, supporting their family and observing their religion to the fullest.’

This could affect many employees nationwide as the nation is very diverse. With so many different religions and beliefs, what is allowed in the workplace currently could soon be changing. It will be up to each employer to uphold the law and make sure every employee is receiving equal treatment.

Any California employee that feels the have been the victim of workplace discrimination may want to look into their rights under the state law. Taking a proactive approach and having the acts documented could prove beneficial to the employee when moving forward with any action. With an understanding of the law a person could possibly determine if they are eligible to file a civil suit against the employer. Should a person feel overwhelmed, they may want to look into the possibility of finding good legal counsel to help them decide the best course of action.

Source: Source: CBS New York, “Bill Would Ban Workplace Discrimination Based On Religious Garb,” June 23, 2013


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