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Ex-Disney worker says he was fired for exposing sexual harassment

Last week, a former employee for Walt Disney Co. filed a lawsuit against the company for firing him under illegal conditions. The lawsuit, which was filed in California, accuses Disney of retaliation and wrongful termination.

The former employee was a manager in the archives division and was hired by Disney in 2007. In 2011, the manager reported that one of his subordinates had complained of being sexually harassed by another employee at Disney. After the company investigated the sexual harassment complaint, the archivist was fired.

In addition to being fired for following company policies and state and federal employment laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, the former employee claims that Disney has destroyed his career and his reputation. When the man was fired, he was accused of lying to the company while Disney investigated the sexual harassment complaint.

The former Disney employee is seeking compensation for damages and lost wages resulting from his former employer’s illegal actions. He claims that Disney retaliated against him for reporting sexual harassment and that Disney fired him in an effort to hide the fact that sexual harassment had occurred in the workplace. After being fired, the man said that his reputation was destroyed in the entertainment industry and archiving community, making it difficult to find other employment.

Disney claims that the man’s allegations are not valid. The company claims that the man was fired because he failed to file the proper paperwork when hiring an employee and that he also lied while the company investigated his subordinate’s sexual harassment complaint.

According to reports, the employee who had reported that he had been sexually harassed by a female employee had allegedly been involved with the woman prior to working at Disney. Disney claims that the archivist knew about the prior relationship between the two employees before the male employee was hired by the archivist. However, the former archivist claims that he was never aware of the relationship.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Disney’s Ex-Archivist Sues Company for Firing Him Over Sexual Harassment Tale,” Eriq Gardner, Feb. 27, 2013


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