California woman says she was harassed at work because she is white

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2013 | Discrimination

A California woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer citing racial discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. The woman claims that she was fired from her job because she is white and because she had filed a complaint about being harassed by other workers.

Although San Diego workers who are not Caucasian may be more likely to experience race discrimination and harassment in the workplace, white workers may be victims of this type of discrimination as well. Discrimination on the basis of race is illegal in California. Whether an employee is discriminated against because he or she is black or white, employers may be held accountable for their unlawful and disrespectful actions.

The woman filed the lawsuit against her former employer last month. According to the plaintiff’s complaint, the plaintiff had worked for her employer, a medical center in Daly City, for more than 20 years before she was terminated. At the time of the woman’s firing, she was a lead financial advisor for the medical center.

The former employee claims that in 2010, she began reporting to a new supervisor, who was Filipino. While reporting to her new supervisor, the woman claims that she began to be harassed by workers from another firm the medical center had been working with regarding the medical center’s financial operations. The plaintiff reported the harassment to her supervisor, but her supervisor refused to address her complaints.

The former medical center employee claims that she then filed a complaint with the human resources department because her supervisor would not address the problem. Shortly after filing the complaint, the woman was told that she was being laid off. She now believes that she was fired because she is white and because she had filed a workplace harassment complaint with her employer’s human resources department. The plaintiff is seeking a minimum of $100,000 in damages for her supervisor’s and employer’s wrongdoings.

Source: GMA News, “White employee sues Pinay supervisor of California hospital for ‘racial discrimination,'” Neil Gonzales, Feb. 26, 2013


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