How pregnancy discrimination is continuing after legislation

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2013 | Discrimination

Finding out you’re pregnant might be the happiest thing in a San Diego woman’s life but it can also mean that there may be some not-so-happy aspects to the new development. Residents in San Diego and across the country have been dealing with the possibility of discrimination in the workforce due to a pregnancy for a long time, and while there was a piece of legislation passed in the late 70’s, it may not have covered the entire issue.

A recent source explains that there are many other ways someone could still be mistreated or discriminated against other than just being fired for being pregnant. Things such as being allowed to take more frequent breaks or having time off for necessary doctor’s visits enter into the situation and complicate matters as the employer could possibly be able to pinpoint those times negatively in regards to a woman’s work.

There are several advocates working to get a bill passed regarding these other ways of potential discrimination in an effort to make the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 a more encompassing legal measure. It is well-known that when women are pregnant the importance of rest and maintaining their health is incredible. While that does mean that some may not be able to continue working at full capacity, it also means that for those who need to or wish to continue doing so, certain accommodations may be necessary. The proposed bill, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, hopes to allow for the environments where pregnant workers’ employment is facilitated with respect to their pregnancy.

For those in San Diego who suspect they have suffered the loss of wages or a position due to something related to a pregnancy, understanding the laws surrounding such workplace discrimination may be helpful. Working with legal counsel could be a good way to know how to proceed, if such discrimination is suspected.

Source: Philadelphia Post-Inquirer, “Pregnancy discrimination: a real-world challenge,” Bette Begleiter and JoAnne Fischer, Jan. 8, 2012


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