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Game show model claims pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against “The Price is Right” game show is just one in a string of suits going back to the years when Bob Barker was still the show’s host. The former employee who filed the complaint is citing pregnancy discrimination for incidents she claims demonstrate hostility toward her after producers discovered she was pregnant.

While pregnancy should be an exciting time, for some women it’s also a time that can involve discrimination and unnecessary stress in the workplace. A pregnancy could affect a woman’s job, even leading to termination. While this is illegal, the model’s lawsuit, which went to trial last week in California, shows that pregnancy discrimination still happens to women in the workplace.

During her six years as a model on “The Price is Right,” the model was subjected to insults, insensitive remarks and finally, wrongful termination. During one of her pregnancies while working on the show, she passed by one of the show’s producers, who said, “wide load coming through.” A previous pregnancy that had ended in a miscarriage also brought negative remarks at her workplace.

After another pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, the model suffered from post-partum depression and she took a disability leave. Afterwards, producers began using her less on the show until finally firing her all together.

The model’s lawsuit is one of several filed by former models on the show. While Drew Carey hosted the show during her employment, longtime host Bob Barker was at the center of other lawsuits filed by the show’s models. One claimed she was forced to have sex with Barker to continue her employment and another said she was fired for gaining 14 pounds.

In addition to the discrimination issues, others have claimed women working on the show have typically been treated as “second class citizens.”

Source: AOL Jobs, “‘Price Is Right’ Model Brandi Cochran fired for pregnancy, jury hears,” Dan Fastenberg, Oct. 24, 2012

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