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EEOC receiving hundreds of workplace discrimination complaints

Workers in San Diego might assume their rights will be protected if they are ever subjected to workplace discrimination or harassment. After all, state and federal laws ban discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is responsible for enforcing antidiscrimination laws in the U.S., hundreds of employers are failing to protect employees’ rights. Even large corporations that have better resources to prevent and train employees on discrimination and harassment have been found guilty of promoting or ignoring these types of behaviors.

Over the past few years, the EEOC has been revamping its efforts to reduce workplace discrimination. The EEOC believes one of the best ways to promote safer workplaces is to make sure employers are held accountable for violating employment and labor laws by filing lawsuits, including class action lawsuits. Taking legal action not only affects the company that is accused of violating laws, but it also sends a strong message to other companies that employees’ rights must remain protected.

The EEOC says that many companies are choosing to settle lawsuits. The EEOC has reached settlements resulting in millions of dollars in fines and compensation for harmed workers. The commission has taken on hundreds of workers’ discrimination claims since 2006.

A victim who was part of a lawsuit against Yellow Transportation said he was more than impressed when attorneys stepped in to protect his rights. He said he feared nothing would have changed at the company had legal action not been taken.

Workers in San Diego might assume that they will be forced to endure harassment and discrimination when their employer fails to improve workplace conditions. They should understand that nothing will change unless they make sure their employer is held accountable for violating workers’ rights. In order to make sure employers are held liable for breaking the law, folks may want to consider working with an employment law attorney.

Source: The Associated Press, “Government turns heat on employers over job bias,” Sam Hananel, Aug. 16, 2012


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