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Anchor fired by California news station after she turned 50 years old

Folks might assume that older workers in San Diego are treated with more respect in the workplace due to the years of experience they have compared to younger workers. However, this is not always the case. Age discrimination continues to affect many workers in California and throughout the entire country.

Employers might choose to conduct layoffs in order to address financial issues, but only layoff older workers who are paid more compared to those who have only been with a company for a short period of time. Older workers who do manual labor might be replaced by younger workers who might be considered more physically capable of doing certain tasks.

Recently, a woman who worked for a television station in California was fired and replaced by a younger woman who “looked better,” the former TV anchor’s lawsuit claims.

The news anchor and reporter for Telemundo, which is owned by NBC Universal, claims that she was fired after she turned 50 years old earlier this year. The woman’s employer said that they had laid her off. But shortly after letting the anchor go, a younger anchor was hired to fill her position.

The woman’s lawsuit claims that she was fired because of her age and because she had previously raised complaints about harassment in the workplace.

California laws are meant protect employees from becoming victims of discrimination in the workplace, even age discrimination. If an employee recently lost his or her job and was replaced by a younger worker, the older worker may want to consider learning more about protecting his or her rights in the workplace by speaking with an employment law attorney. In some cases, workers may be able to get their jobs back or even receive compensation for the income they lost after being fired over their age.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Former Telemundo Reporter Sues Claiming Age Discrimination,” Matthew Belloni, August 1, 2012


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