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Employee claims that his female boss sexually harassed him at work

Workers in San Diego and throughout the entire U.S. should understand that sometimes having “fun” at work can get out of hand, resulting in some very unprofessional and offensive comments or actions. When this happens, an employer should handle the situation appropriately in order to protect and honor employee rights.

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace, and male and female employees should feel comfortable raising concerns if they have been affected by sexual harassment or if they have witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace. Victims of sexual harassment should understand that their employers are required by California and federal laws to handle harassment claims appropriately and professionally.

Recently, a male deputy filed a lawsuit against his superior at work claiming that she sexually harassed him on multiple occasions. When the harassment allegedly continued, the employee said that he finally tried to record an incident in order to provide evidence of his superior’s lewd and inappropriate actions and comments in the workplace.

According to the lawsuit, the deputy’s boss made several unwanted sexual advances while at work. On two occasions, the deputy’s female constable had allegedly forced his head under her blouse, pushing his face into her breasts. The sexual harassment lawsuit also states that the female constable had made inappropriate comments.

Finally, the deputy said that on Oct. 26, 2011, he was able to record an incident that had occurred in the office. His boss, again, tried to push his face into her breasts.

However, the constable found out about the recording device that had been set up at the man’s desk, and he was suspended from his duties five days later. The man said that he decided to resign from his job. He also believes that the constable deleted evidence on the recorder when she found out about the device. The constable is claiming that the deputy should face criminal charges for setting up the recording device in the office.

It is uncertain whether the man will face criminal charges for trying to prove that his boss was sexually harassing him in the workplace.

Source: ABC News, “Texas Constable Pam Matranga Allegedly Forced Deputy to ‘Motorboat’ Her Breasts,” Alyssa Newcomb, May 8, 2012


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