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Alleged sexual harassment charges against car dealership

A complaint has been filed by two former employees in California against a car dealership they used to work for. Allegations include sexual harassment toward the employees, as well as other workers, from employers. Numerous other alleged violations against the rights of employees have also been exposed in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the employer, AutoNation, behaved inappropriately toward workers based on their disability, sex, sexual orientation and weight. The lawsuit also accused the employer of behaving inappropriately toward those who took family leave under the California Family Rights Act and toward those who stuck up for the rights of their co-workers who were allegedly being treated poorly.

The two former employees state they were subjected to sexual harassment when they were required to join co-workers at a strip club. Further allegations from the two include employers coercing one or more employees into participating in sexual acts with prostitutes. This behavior created a “sexually charged environment,” that was oftentimes difficult to work in.

The complaint points out that AutoNation has already been slapped with a lawsuit for prejudice against homosexuals. Of the two former employees who are filing the sexual harassment complaint, one is homosexual and claims that he had to deal with listening to homophobic slurs from employers while at work. The other employee is not gay, but was subjected to derogatory comments as well after showing support for his co-worker.

The two former employees also allege employers used drugs and alcohol during company sponsored events. Because the two men refused to participate in the activities, they claim that they were treated differently at work.

Additional allegations by the two employees include fraudulent accounting. One employee experienced pay shortages and when he inquired about the issue, employers informed him it was part of a pay plan deduction. However, the man claims that his signature was forged by his employer on the pay plan deduction forms.

The complaint has been filed in a California Superior Court. The complaint cites numerous violations of employee rights including: discrimination, hour and wage violations, retaliation, termination, unfair business practices and violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Source: Human Resources Journal, “Former Male Employees Allege Sexual Harassment at Car Dealership,” Dec. 19, 2011


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