U.S. Marine files defamation lawsuit after being denied a job

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2011 | Defamation

Due to high unemployment rates in California and throughout the entire U.S., individuals who are looking for jobs may discover that the competition for almost any position is extremely high. Employers must go through dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for each open position, and strong resumes and references are becoming more important than ever.

When employers in San Diego contact a candidate’s reference, the employer may ask a variety of questions in order to learn more about the candidate’s achievements as well as any discrepancies the individual may have had with a former employer. Although references should be honest during these conversations, they also must also be sure not to make any false statements that could jeopardize one’s reputation or employment. When one’s reputation has been damaged by a false statement, the individual may be able to protect his or her rights by filing a defamation lawsuit.

A U.S. Marine, who received the Medal of Honor in 2009, claims that he was denied employment at a San Diego company after a former manager ruined his reputation. The 23-year-old Marine has since filed a defamation lawsuit against his former employer for destroying his chances of getting a new job.

According to the lawsuit, the Marine did have some discrepancies with his former manager. When the Marine went to his manager about some concerns he had about his job, the man said that his manager began to berate him and belittle him. After a few months, the Marine resigned and began looking for employment elsewhere.

When the man applied for a position with the San Diego company, the hiring manager contacted the man’s former boss. According to the defamation suit, the Marine’s former manager claimed that the man had a drinking problem and that he was mentally unstable. The Marine was later denied the job.

The man was awarded the Medal of Honor in September 2009 after saving 36 lives when his team was ambushed in Afghanistan.

Source: Tampa Bay Online, “Medal of Honor recipient sues defense contractor,” Dec. 4, 2011


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