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Dick's Sporting Goods Settles Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Dick's Sporting Goods Inc was sued by employees who claimed that the company violated wage and hour laws on a large scale. The company recently settled multiple wage and hour class action lawsuits brought against it and five individuals, including the lawsuit Tamara Barrus et al v. Dick's Sporting Goods and 22 related lawsuits. The retailer is the largest publicly traded sporting goods store in the U.S. and agreed to pay up to $15 million to settle the lawsuits.

According to WestLaw News & Insight, Dick's Sporting Goods was sued by employees who claimed that the company failed to pay overtime and other wages that it promised to workers. The lawsuits claimed that the retailer did not pay hourly wages for all the time worked by hourly employees. The lawsuits also claimed that the company encouraged hourly employees to work off the clock. Employees were promised rewards and punishments depending on whether they logged off-the-clock time.

The lawsuits were settled in New York, but brought under the wage and hour laws of 36 states. The lawsuits were also brought under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the Fair Labors Standards Act. The settlement still must be approved by a federal court in New York.


Dick's Sporting to pay $15 million to settle wage disputes (WestLaw News & Insight)

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