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Protecting the rights of wrongfully discharged Californians

Obtaining and maintaining a job is important for residents in California and elsewhere. While it might be a long-term position, contract position or a temporary job, when individuals are hired, they have certain rights in the workplace. One of these rights is to not be terminated for an unlawful reason. Unfortunately, employees sometimes feel that they were fired or laid off unlawfully.

Male coach alleges gender discrimination at UC Berkley

When people think of gender discrimination, they may assume that it is women being discriminated against. However, gender discrimination can involve people of all genders and, like many forms of wrongful termination, can affect just about any working person at any level of their profession. A Southern California employment law attorney can help in cases of suspected wrongful termination.

Securing workers' rights after wrongful termination

In the wake of recent political talk, keeping one's job is more important than ever for many residents of Southern California. Unfortunately, employers may not always follow the law and workers' rights may be violated. If a worker is let go for reasons they suspect are against the law, it may be time to contact a wrongful termination attorney.

At-will employment and wrongful termination

Today's ever-changing economic conditions mean that many San Diego workers labor under a climate of uncertainty. In California and 48 other states, employment is presumed to be "at-will." Essentially, employment at will means that an employer can technically fire someone for any reason, so long as that reason is not discriminatory, a form of retaliation or in violation of clear public policy.

Unsafe work conditions and the right to refuse to do certain jobs

A common fear among workers in California is that they will be at risk for losing their jobs if they report unsafe work conditions or refuse to work under them. It is important for workers to understand their rights to protect themselves and to know that employers cannot fire them for refusing to take part in hazardous work. There are laws that will protect employees from a wrongful discharge in these circumstances. If they have been violated, it could be the basis to a legal filing to be compensated.

Woman alleges wrongful termination after being treated for cancer

Employees in California who lose their jobs need to understand whether the termination was based on legal grounds. In other words, there are protections accorded to employees based on state employment law. If employers have violated the law in any way, it could be the foundation of a legal filing to get compensation. Making certain to protect one's rights is the key when an employee's contract is terminated for reasons that are not in line with the law. This can happen in any kind of job whether it is high or low profile.

Class action lawsuit filed for violations of employment law

California employees might be confronted with numerous issues at work that can lead to them losing the job or leaving due to treatment that they believe goes beyond what they are willing to tolerate. Included in that might be ethical factors or demands that employers make upon employees. If this is pervasive and ongoing, employees can look into employment law to see if they have the right to consider a legal filing based on various illegal acts.

What are workers' rights if there are unsafe work conditions?

Some California workers take safety for granted, because they know their employers are just as concerned about worker safety as the employees are. That, unfortunately, is not the case at every workplace, and there are circumstances in which employees are put in danger due to hazards and other issues at work. Workers need to know their rights to a safe workplace and what to do if their well-being is placed in jeopardy.

Can there be a wrongful termination claim in at-will employment?

According to California's Labor Code, employment is presumed to be at-will if the employer and employee did not sign an employment contract that specifies the duration of the employment. This means that the employee may be discharged at any time, with or without cause. However, some workers may not be aware that many different circumstances under which employment is terminated can constitute viable wrongful termination lawsuits.