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Sexual harassment in the workplace often goes unreported

Workplace sexual harassment has been gaining significant attention recently amidst the #MeToo movement and the media coverage of high-profile perpetrators. With this movement aimed at raising awareness and addressing workplace sexual harassment many employees have become emboldened to come forward and report incidents of harassment. However, despite this positive shift, it appears that often many instances of workplace sexual harassment continue to go unreported.

Experienced, compassionate help for sexual harassment victims

Discussing sexual harassment can be an understandably difficult topic for many people, especially victims of the illegal practice. Often, victims of workplace sexual harassment are afraid to come forward for myriad reasons. They may fear retaliation from the harasser or from their boss, they might not want to talk about the details of their harassment or they may not even realize the extent of their legal rights in California. In any event, it is beneficial for such victims to have experienced, compassionate legal help.

Sexual harassment alleged at McDonald's across U.S.

Workers in any type of job in San Diego, and throughout the nation, who are confronted with unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit materials in the workplace or any other behaviors that can fall into the category of sexual harassment, might not know what to do to stop it. In some instances, harassment at work can lead to job loss when the employee resists the advances. It can also result in the worker choosing to leave the job on his or her own. What employee should realize is that sexual harassment is against the law and it can be the foundation for a legal filing against an employer.

Former college football star accused of sexual harassment

It can be a complicated situation when an employee in California finds him or herself dealing with sexual harassment. The person might not know whether or not it falls into the category of being a violation of employment law. They could also be concerned about a firing if they complain about it. In addition, they might not be aware of the process of filing a sexual harassment claim. Compounding the difficult nature of these situations is when the person who is allegedly committing the harassment is prominent in the community. Those who are faced with these questions should seek legal advice on how to move forward.

When is an employer liable in a sexual harassment claim?

Sexual harassment is a hot topic of conversation today. This is true in California and across the country with a large number of people alleging it is happening and disagreements as to how it should be dealt with. People should be allowed to go to their job without having to deal with lewd comments, seeing inappropriate materials, or having to face other behaviors that will make them a victim of harassment. Even with that, it can be confusing as to when an employer is liable under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Knowing this can help when considering a sexual harassment claim.

Pastor accused of sexual harassment of contractor

Sexual harassment can occur at any workplace in California and can also come in many different forms. Those who are subjected to this form of treatment might be intimidated or not even realize that the behavior they are facing is against the law. When harassment at work takes place, those who are victimized must make certain to protect themselves and stand up for their rights. Sometimes, the only way they can do this is to pursue a legal case.

Large pharmaceutical CEO accused of sexual harassment

California employees who deal with sexual harassment can see the situation spiral beyond the simple act of a superior or coworker making unwanted sexual advances. In certain instances, the harassment at work results in sexual acts between the parties whether the alleged victim wanted them or not. These circumstances can lead to greater problems such as children being born and the work atmosphere becoming toxic. Those who have become embroiled in such a situation should know that they still have a right to explore the possibility of taking legal action if they have been a victim of harassment.