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Overview of employment contract disputes

Many employees in the San Diego area may be under a contract which they signed directly with their employer, that is, not as part of a collective bargaining agreement through a union. These contracts, if reasonably well drafted, should spell out all of the important terms of employment, such as how much a person will get paid, by when and for what work.

Representing federal employees in merit disputes

One of the great benefits most federal employees enjoy which many other workers in San Diego do not is a right to be heard before the Federal Merit Systems Protection Board if they get terminated or suspended long term, more than two weeks, for performance-related issues or "for cause" because of some improper or prohibited behavior.

Restaurateur files lawsuit for breach of contract

To succeed in business, or any endeavor for that matter, an individual has to be smart and surround themselves with others who can help them reach the end goal. In the business context, working with others can be especially tricky, and not just because personalities and work styles may clash. For example, business partners and employees can act in certain ways that cause serious damage to a business, costing the business money. When a business relationship sours, it may be time to consider one's legal options, which can be reshaped by any sort of employment contract that may be in place.

Are fired employees eligible for unemployment compensation?

In Southern California, as well as the rest of the nation, the local economy tends to be like a roller coaster: one moment you're up, the next you're down, and the next you're up again. During the down times, it's helpful to know there is help available. For laid-off workers, this often comes in the lifeline known as unemployment compensation. Unfortunately, unemployment compensation is sometimes at the center of employment disputes between workers and their employers.

Who qualifies for unemployment compensation in California?

There are few things worse than losing one's job. Getting laid-off is a constant threat in today's economy, and countless Californians have experienced the harshness and shock of an unexpected layoff. While there is unemployment compensation available as a safety net for laid-off workers, there are many requirements to obtaining these crucial benefits. For disputes related to unemployment compensation, it may be best to speak with an attorney.

What are work search requirements for unemployment compensation?

People in California who lose their jobs and believe they are entitled to unemployment benefits must be fully aware of the various rules that dictate both receiving and retaining those benefits. In some instances, there might be a misunderstanding of what the recipient is required to do to get the benefits. In others, there could be a disagreement with employers over a multitude of issues that are linked to unemployment compensation. Regardless, there are work search requirements that a person who is receiving benefits must follow.

Legal help with defamation from employers in California

When California employees are having problems at a job, the issues that result from it can go beyond simply being dismissed or leaving as a matter of choice. There is the possibility that negative statements can be made by the employers and harm the person's chances of getting a similar or better job. It can even hurt them in getting any job at all. If the victim suspects that this is going, that person should be aware that he or she has options of counteracting it.

Legal help for private sector employment disputes

In California, every worker is accorded certain rights and protections. Some employees who are working in the public sector may have a better grasp of their rights regarding workplace issues, such as breach of contract. For private sector employees, issues such as contract disputes along with other workplace issues can be complicated and lead to confusion leaving workers unsure of what to do if they are affected. Having legal assistance that is specifically dedicated to helping those who work in the private sector with a unique understanding of the various aspects that are involved is key if there is a disagreement.

What can pregnant employees expect for leave and return?

When a California employee is pregnant, she might have a vague understanding of her rights under the law when it comes to duties at work, time off and other issues. It is important to note, however, that state law is specific about what pregnant employees can expect when it comes to receiving salary and benefits during pregnancy leave as well as what their return rights are. Employment disputes frequently arise because of pregnancy. Knowing these rights under the law can potentially keep employers from taking liberties against pregnant employees and provide a guideline to seeking compensation if there is a violation.

Number of employees filing winning claims over eldercare growing

California employees need to fully understand their rights under federal and state laws when it comes to various aspects of their employment. For example, employees may be confused about what is and is not allowed to when it comes to taking leave to care for a family member. But they should know that employers are required to provide a certain amount of time off to an employee if there is a sick loved one at home that requires the employee's attention. If an employer does not provide the required time off, or punishes the employee for exercising their rights to take that time off, even if it is unpaid, this can be the foundation for a legal filing.