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May 2016 Archives

Training to avoid sexual harassment might do more harm than good

Workplaces in San Diego and across the U.S. are increasingly cognizant over the amount of damage that sexual harassment allegations can do to their morale and overall business. With that in mind and in accordance with the law, many implement courses that are designed to present guidelines as to what constitutes inappropriate behavior.

Understanding the prevailing wage law in California

Workers in the San Diego area might not fully understand the various laws and terms that govern how they are supposed to be treated by their employer. Just because workers might have specialized jobs, low-wage jobs or the workers might not be fully conversant in English does not diminish the importance of these laws.

Man claims unlawful discrimination at high-end shoe store

Although people in California and across the U.S. are receiving increased freedom and rights to express themselves as they see fit when it comes to their sexual orientation and how they identify themselves, there are still instances of unlawful discrimination occurring on a regular basis. Those who have been subjected to violations of employment law based on these factors need to know that they have the right to seek compensation for the wrongs they believe were perpetrated against them by their employers.

What are employee rights for paid sick leave in California?

Many California employees might not realize that they have certain rights, under state law, that will protect them from losing their job under certain circumstance, and provide them with various benefits while they are employed. Included is the Healthy Workplaces/Health Families Act of 2014, which provides employees with paid sick leave. If an employee is subjected to a denial of benefits when it comes to sick time, they have the right to seek legal compensation. This is especially true when it comes to protection for retaliation and employees who might have been treated poorly because of using their rights to sick days.

Large media company accused of workplace discrimination

In San Diego, across California and throughout the United States, there are laws in place to provide protection for employees against discrimination in the workplace. Although these laws are designed to discourage such treatment, workplace discrimination does occur and it can happen for a multitude of reasons. Those who are confronted with having their employee rights violated need to be aware that they can seek compensation under the law. This is true whether it is a small, medium or large business that is alleged to have committed the violation.