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February 2016 Archives

Finding protection in the employment law 'Bermuda Triangle'

The Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic Ocean is that odd space of water where planes and boats have mysteriously disappeared for no apparent reason. Employment law has its own version of a Bermuda Triangle. It lurks within the competing provisions of the Federal and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and each state's workers' compensation laws.

Breach of contract lawsuit follows failure to pay promised bonus

For California employees, employment contracts to stipulate remuneration and benefits can be vital to ensure fair treatment. A company in another state that sells and services heavy equipment for the construction, agricultural and garden service industries is facing a lawsuit that was recently filed by a former employee. The plaintiff alleges breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentations and violations of the Theft Liability Act.

Workplace discrimination: Radiologist claims age discrimination

Older workers in California may be the victims of age discrimination. Employers may appreciate the fact that the knowledge and experience of older workers are valuable assets for a company. However, they may also consider the fact that these more experienced workers who earn substantial salaries could be replaced by less experienced individuals who will cost the company far less in wages. Age-related workplace discrimination is, therefore, not an uncommon occurrence.

What can I ask my employer for to accommodate my faith?

The First Amendment of the Constitution grants every person certain things specific to religion -- the right to practice any religion and freedom from any imposition of religion by government. Further restrictions against employer discrimination against employees on the basis of religion are mandated by federal law and by state law in California.

Critics blast latest civil service reform effort by House

Government work does not tend to be sexy. Very often it is fraught with political overtones. It's because of the pressures on that front that the civil service system exists. It's meant to provide federal employees with a set of due process procedures to ensure they don't fall victim to any form of discrimination, including political.