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October 2012 Archives

Flight attendant says she was illegally fired by Magic Johnson

Although many employment contracts in California are presumed to be at-will, meaning that an employer does have a legal right to fire an employee at any time, employers cannot terminate employees under illegal circumstances.

San Diego worker's wrongful termination suit delayed

After working at San Diego Gas & Electric for nearly 20 years, an employee was fired for allegedly violating a safety regulation that could have jeopardized the safety of other workers. But prior to being fired in 2010, the employee had also filed complaints with SDG&E stating that he was being harassed by others because of his race.

California waitress says manager harassed, assaulted her at work

You can't expect to get along with everyone you meet, even in the workplace. However, even though you may not like one of your coworkers or always agree with a supervisor's management style, you may understand that it is part of your responsibility as an employee to remain professional and civil in the workplace.

Employee rights at stake in California wage lawsuit

Employees are entitled to earn a fair wage for the hours they spend working. In fact, it is against U.S. labor laws to pay employees less than the minimum wage standard. This means that workers in California are protected by minimum wage laws no matter what industry they are employed in, and this includes the agriculture industry.

Sexual harassment can be costly for San Diego employers

Even when San Diego residents truly enjoy their jobs, making it through each workday can become an extremely challenging undertaking when harassment and discrimination begin to plague the workplace.

California woman denied job because she doesn't fit in 'kilt'

A 20-year-old California woman appeared to be the perfect fit for a job serving at a sports bar northeast of San Diego in Palm Desert. She aced the application and interviews, according to media reports, but was denied the job when she tried on the bar's uniform.

Defamation lawsuit filed against Penn State by former employee

A San Diego worker may be put in an awkward and uncomfortable position if he or she ever witnesses something suspicious at work. When this does happen, employees should understand that they may be protected under California and federal whistleblower laws when they choose to file a complaint about illegal conduct in the workplace.

California governor signs bill to protect workers' privacy rights

Earlier this year on our San Diego employment law blog, we had mentioned that California lawmakers were pushing for better privacy protections for employees and job applicants regarding social media accounts and personal email accounts.