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August 2012 Archives

EEOC receiving hundreds of workplace discrimination complaints

Workers in San Diego might assume their rights will be protected if they are ever subjected to workplace discrimination or harassment. After all, state and federal laws ban discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

California laws ban breast-feeding discrimination in the workplace

Many women in San Diego choose to continue working outside of the home after having children. Managing home and work life with children certainly comes with challenges, but pregnancy and breast-feeding should never be reasons for firing female employees or discriminating against women in the workplace.

Interns claim Fox Entertainment offered illegal internship program

Thousands of college students in San Diego and throughout U.S. are wrapping up their summer internships as they get ready to start school again this fall. Although many students might not have been paid for their work, they probably gained some great experience and learned some new skills that will help them find a good job in the future.

California employees felt unsafe because of workplace harassment

Regardless of state and federal labor and employment laws that are meant to guarantee workers' rights, many employees in California and throughout the entire U.S. still are discriminated against because of their race, appearance, gender, age or religion.

EEOC reports dramatic rise in workplace retaliation complaints

San Diego workers who have had to inform a boss or human resources personnel about an incident of workplace discrimination or harassment might have felt very uncomfortable doing so. Workers don't want their supervisors to think that they are overreacting, but employees also need to make sure that they do report incidents of harassment and discrimination because things might only get worse.

Religious bias case overturned in favor of university worker

Workers' religious practices that prohibit them from working at certain times or on specific days sometimes conflict with employer expectations. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from religion discrimination in the workplace. Employers in California and throughout the U.S. must attempt to adapt to a worker's religious needs before terminating an employee or denying potential employees a job.

Anchor fired by California news station after she turned 50 years old

Folks might assume that older workers in San Diego are treated with more respect in the workplace due to the years of experience they have compared to younger workers. However, this is not always the case. Age discrimination continues to affect many workers in California and throughout the entire country.