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June 2012 Archives

San Diego UPS worker witnesses murder, discriminated by employer

A UPS worker's routine for delivery packages in the San Diego area was anything but ordinary one work day after he had witnessed a murder. After the incident, the UPS worker suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and requested that his normal route for delivering packages be changed so that he did not have to relive the incident every time he drove past the murder scene for work.

U.S. hospitals banning, testing job applicants for nicotine use

The message is clear: Stop smoking or butt out. That's what administrators are telling their employees and job applicants at a large healthcare provider located in the U.S. The medical center is one of the latest employers to ban smoking entirely, pledging to even test new job seekers to determine whether they smoke cigarettes.

FBI employee files lawsuit, says others were jealous of her looks

Those who have been in the workforce for quite some time have probably encountered a co-worker here and there that they just couldn't get along with very well. San Diego residents come from a variety of backgrounds and personalities, and sometimes these personalities clash.

Expressing yourself on Facebook could endanger your job

Can Facebook comments get you fired? Employees in San Diego and around the country are advised to be careful when they use social media, just in case bosses or colleagues are sneaking a peek at their activity. Laws can sometimes protect private sector workers from prying employers, but legal advisors still urge caution in order to avoid being fired.

Federal jury awards worker millions after years of discrimination

Significant improvements have been made in the workplace over the last several decades in California and throughout the entire U.S. Not only are more women holding jobs they were once never considered to be hired for, but the workplace has also become a more diverse environment.

Ex-Pasadena city workers cite wrongful termination after layoffs

It is not uncommon for employers in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California to conduct layoffs when faced with tough economic times. When it comes to tightening budgets, hiring freezes are usually put in place and jobs held by private and government employees may even be eliminated.

California considers expanding family leave rights for workers

Family is a top priority for many San Diego residents. But when a family member becomes seriously ill and needs special care, those who work often struggle to find ways to make sure that their loved ones receive the care that they need and deserve.

Report: Female farm workers in California suffer harassment, abuse

Although sexual harassment and promoting a hostile work environment is a violation of both state and federal employment and labor laws, it still occurs in many workplaces in California and throughout the entire U.S. Any worker could become a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace; however, a new report suggests that women who are farmworkers seem to suffer more sexual abuse and harassment compared to women who work in other professions.

Woman claims employer fired her because she was pregnant

Earlier this week on our San Diego employment law blog, we mentioned that employers in California cannot discriminate against employees based on their medical conditions or for using medical leave during a time of illness or to care for an ill family member. An employer must allow an employee to take time off of work for medical purposes if necessary, as long as the employee does not violate any medical leave rights.