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Tips for dealing with workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination can be incredibly frustrating and damaging to your career. It is also illegal, so it's important for you to know your rights in California if you've been discriminated against. Below are a few other tips that can help you along the way.

1. Be sure you tell your employer.

As soon as a co-worker or supervisor violates the law, go to your boss. Don't wait to see if it happens again. Additionally, if you're being discriminated against by your boss, you also want to tell him or her about it. You cannot legally be retaliated against for alerting the authorities that your rights are being violated, so you can tell your employer about it.

2. Keep a journal or a diary that outlines everything that happens.

Write down the set-up for the situation, the situation that illustrated the discrimination, the time that it happened, and who was present for it. If you have any other evidence—like pictures or videos—keep this with your journal of events.

3. Keep evidence that was given to you.

The type of evidence that you get depends on the situation. If a supervisor leaves a note on your desk, for instance, keep the note. If you get an email, print it off or take a screenshot and file it away.

4. Stand up for your rights.

It's important to stay calm during this process, but that does not mean you have to let your rights be violated. Stand up for them by demanding that they be respected in the workplace and looking into your legal options when they're not.

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