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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Supreme Court rules in Abercrombie discrimination case

A just-breaking media report from earlier today notes that, thankfully, the same degree of tensions marking conflict that has emerged in some European countries between local Islamic and other populations has not emerged in the United States.

Undermining fair competition: age-based workplace discrimination

Employment law history in California and the United States is both turbulent and fascinating, being centrally marked over many decades by progressive efforts to level the playing field among workers competing for jobs and promotions.

President's order on workplace discrimination deemed "historic"

It's a simple quid pro quo that needs to be recognized in the federal workplace, says U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perez: If you get money from the federal government as a contractor doing work on public projects, you need to respect all workers when it comes to hiring practices, decisions to terminate and pay-related matters.

3 ex-Target workers file national origin discrimination claim

Although many forward strides have been achieved, national origin discrimination is a persisting difficulty in California workplaces. In California, where individuals from a wide variety of countries interact with each other on the job, conflict continues and numerous national origin discrimination claims are filed each year. Fortunately, at this time, it appears that workers are more willing to make their voices heard and protect their rights.

California residents may notice workplace discrimination change

California residents may be aware of workplace discrimination, but may not realize there are several types or how often it occurs. Most employees appreciate a safe, comfortable work environment. A recent bill that focuses on religious discrimination is drawing attention to wall workplace discrimination nationwide.

Man fights back after alleged weight discrimination on the job

People come in all shapes and sizes and so does discrimination. Recently, a man filed an action against his former employer, claiming that his employment was terminated because he was overweight. Typically, workplace discrimination actions involve points of discrimination such as age, race, gender and sexual orientation. However, overweight California residents are often treated unfairly or lose their jobs simply because of their appearance, and they are just as entitled to pursue the matter in court as any other victim.

Disney sued for workplace discrimination in California

The "Muppets" franchise, owned by Disney and based out of California, has been entertaining Americans for decades. However, despite the funny and carefree attitude of the characters on the show, working for "Muppets" is a serious matter and misconduct is fully punishable by law. One of the female first assistant film editors for the "Muppets" movie is suing Disney for workplace discrimination by her employer, the editor of the film.