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California residents may notice workplace discrimination change

California residents may be aware of workplace discrimination, but may not realize there are several types or how often it occurs. Most employees appreciate a safe, comfortable work environment. A recent bill that focuses on religious discrimination is drawing attention to wall workplace discrimination nationwide.

Burger King pays teen $25,000 in religious discrimination lawsuit

Employers in San Diego have the power to fire employees who aren't complying with company policies or doing their jobs properly. Yet, when a company terminates employment, employers must make sure their reasons for terminating employees are lawful.

New laws in effect to protect more workers in California

San Diego employees may have a general idea of what their rights are in the workplace, but laws about harassment, discrimination and other employment issues can become confusing because these laws and protections continue to change and evolve over time.

New bill protects California workers from religion discrimination

Last week on our San Diego employment law blog, we had mentioned that a teen who wanted to work at Burger King was told to leave the fast-food restaurant because she had requested that the store accommodate her religious practices by allowing her to wear a long skirt instead of uniform pants.

Teen says Burger King's dress code violated her religious practices

Strict dress codes are typical requirements for many jobs. It is not illegal for an employer to mandate that its employees wear uniforms or follow dress code requirements to convey a professional environment.

Religious bias case overturned in favor of university worker

Workers' religious practices that prohibit them from working at certain times or on specific days sometimes conflict with employer expectations. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from religion discrimination in the workplace. Employers in California and throughout the U.S. must attempt to adapt to a worker's religious needs before terminating an employee or denying potential employees a job.

Muslim woman wins harassment lawsuit against employer AT&T

If you are like any other San Diego resident, you have probably dreaded going to work at one time or another. Maybe your infant kept you up all night and you barely got any sleep before the alarm clock went off. Perhaps you felt nervous about giving a presentation in front of your boss. Or maybe your co-worker was bothering you with office drama and you just didn't want to hear it anymore.

Increase in workplace religious discrimination cases during 2011

Employees' claims of religious discrimination in the workplace are continuing to increase throughout the U.S. Some attributing factors to this may be better employee awareness of one's rights under state and federal laws as well as an increasingly diverse workforce in San Diego and throughout the entire country.

EEOC files religious discrimination suit against electric company

In California and in other states, it is illegal to discriminate against employees. When employees believe they have been discriminated against because of their religion or other factors, employees may take legal action to ensure that their employers comply with important state and federal laws.