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Man fights back after alleged weight discrimination on the job

People come in all shapes and sizes and so does discrimination. Recently, a man filed an action against his former employer, claiming that his employment was terminated because he was overweight. Typically, workplace discrimination actions involve points of discrimination such as age, race, gender and sexual orientation. However, overweight California residents are often treated unfairly or lose their jobs simply because of their appearance, and they are just as entitled to pursue the matter in court as any other victim.

Sexual harassment can be costly for San Diego employers

Even when San Diego residents truly enjoy their jobs, making it through each workday can become an extremely challenging undertaking when harassment and discrimination begin to plague the workplace.

California's Wet Seal hit by race discrimination lawsuit

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. paid $40 million several years ago to settle with Asian, Hispanic and African-American workers who accused the retailer of race discrimination. The settlement should have sent a strong message to all retail companies and other companies in California and throughout the entire U.S. that race bias will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Woman successfully sues boss for sexual harassment

Many Americans experience job-related stress. An employee might feel anxiety, for instance, about a particularly demanding project, an important meeting or a challenging workload. No employee in San Diego, though, should ever feel stressed or afraid because of an inappropriate work environment.

San Diego woman wins $100,000 in gender discrimination suit

A lifeguard in San Diego has won a gender discrimination lawsuit against the city after a jury agreed that she was not hired for a full-time job because she is a woman. She had worked as a seasonal lifeguard in San Diego for more than 10 years, but after being denied full-time work and training opportunities, she sued the city in 2006.

Employer settles third age discrimination lawsuit this year

3M has settled three age discrimination lawsuits this year that were brought against them by current and former employees. Last spring, 3M settled an age discrimination lawsuit that had been brought against the employer in San Jose, California.

Jury says former Calif. policewoman faced gender discrimination

A California woman who sued the Los Angeles Airport Police Department for gender discrimination was awarded compensatory damages by a jury last week. The jury agreed with the woman's claims that she was passed over for a promotion at LAX because she was a woman. The woman was a lieutenant for 10 years. Her attorney said that she had the qualifications to be promoted to captain but was not promoted because she was a woman.

Golf coach claims defamation in face of discrimination lawsuit

A university golf programs director has resigned in the face of a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit. He says that he resigned to focus on other things in his life besides golf and says his resignation is not because of the lawsuit. He continues to deny that he discriminated against a former associate coach due to her sexual orientation and says that her lawsuit against the university defames him.

California deputies file lawsuit against sheriff's department

Two sheriff's deputies have filed a lawsuit against the California sheriff's department where they are employed, accusing the department of fostering aggressive, gang-like behavior that they said led to their assault at a department holiday party last year. In that incident last year, six sheriff's deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department assaulted two other male deputies and punched a female deputy in the face who tried to stop the beatings. The attacking deputies worked on the third floor of the Men's Central Jail and the men who were attacked worked on a different floor.

Charlie Sheen's wrongful termination lawsuit: Part 2

The previous post began to discuss Charlie Sheen's wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, Warner Bros. Sheen was fired from television's number one comedy show, "Two and a Half Men," after ranting against his employers and experiencing a series of personal problems. Also named in the lawsuit is the show's co-creator, Chuck Lorre. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Esq., on Tuesday, the private dispute-resolution company, JAMS, decided that Sheen's case should be decided by a JAMS arbitrator through private arbitration.