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Posts tagged "disability discrimination"

Was woman fired for using the restroom too much during pregnancy?

Treating an employee differently because he or she has a disability, is pregnant, or suffers from a serious medical condition may be in violation of disability discrimination laws or pregnancy discrimination laws.

Lawsuit: California man's disability not accommodated by employer

San Diego residents who are disabled or have impairments that affect their abilities to perform certain tasks may understand that they are not suited for doing some types of work. However, a disability or impairment does not mean that an individual cannot work.

Fewer than 20 percent of Americans with disabilities are employed

According to labor and employment data from the government, about 29 million Americans who have a disability are of the appropriate age to work in California and throughout the country. However, only about 18 percent of these disabled individuals are employed. This means that out of the nearly 30 million people who have disabilities and are of the appropriate age to work, only a little over 5 million have jobs.

Worker with prosthetic leg files disability discrimination suit

Physical or mental disabilities can make certain tasks more challenging for folks in San Diego, but a disability does not necessarily mean that an individual is incapable of working.

Veteran fired from gym over disability, lawsuit claims

A former Marine has filed a wrongful termination suit against the gym he claims fired him because he is a disabled veteran. The man has produced documentation showing that a manager at the facility terminated his employment because of his disability. The man experiences vision problems associated with his service and says the disability discrimination was sparked by his visit to a VA doctor in July.

California jury awards millions to disabled manager of Rite Aid store

Learning to cope with a new disability can be challenging and frustrating for any San Diego resident, but one thing disabled workers should not have to worry about is losing their jobs.

San Diego UPS worker witnesses murder, discriminated by employer

A UPS worker's routine for delivery packages in the San Diego area was anything but ordinary one work day after he had witnessed a murder. After the incident, the UPS worker suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and requested that his normal route for delivering packages be changed so that he did not have to relive the incident every time he drove past the murder scene for work.

Did a San Diego Starbucks refuse to hire a disabled man?

A San Diego Starbucks store has been accused of disability discrimination after allegedly refusing to hire a qualified applicant with a physical impairment. Born with only half a left arm, the applicant claimed that he was denied a position at Starbucks because of this physical disability, despite having an exemplary work history in the food service industry. The man filed a lawsuit against the coffee chain earlier this month.

Disabled employee wins lawsuit against San Diego hotel

After an employee with autism was fired from his job at a San Diego hotel, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit claiming that the man had been discriminated against because of his disability.

Verizon settles disability discrimination lawsuit with EEOC

Verizon Communications has agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit that claimed the employer violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that the company did not adequately accommodate employees with disabilities in its company attendance policy.