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Posts tagged "Credit reports"

Employers still looking at credit reports during hiring process

Two realities resulting from the abysmal state of the economy are unemployment and financial hardship. The two often go hand-in-hand for folks in San Diego, creating quite a paradox: an unemployed person needs a job to pay for his or her monthly bills, yet those mounting bills may be doing damage to their credit reports, which can negatively impact one's ability to get a job if an employer pulls the applicant's credit report.

California employers can't check credit reports on all applicants

Those who are looking for jobs this New Year in California may be relieved to know that companies can no longer check the credit reports of job applicants unless the position with the company meets specific requirements. This not only means that more applicants may have a greater chance of landing the jobs they want this year, but it may also ensure better privacy protections for potential employees.