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Posts tagged "racial/ethnic harassment"

2 fired coaches sue soccer team for race discrimination

Generally, we're used to seeing racial discrimination cases based on prejudice against workers who are Latinos, African Americans and other racial minorities. Sometimes, however, a Caucasian can complain of discrimination at the hands of a Latino or other racial group that constitutes a majority under the particular circumstances. That's the situation in a race discrimination case just filed against a Major League soccer team, Chivas USA, in a California court.

San Diego worker's wrongful termination suit delayed

After working at San Diego Gas & Electric for nearly 20 years, an employee was fired for allegedly violating a safety regulation that could have jeopardized the safety of other workers. But prior to being fired in 2010, the employee had also filed complaints with SDG&E stating that he was being harassed by others because of his race.

Jury awards Sears employee $5.2 million in racial harassment suit

California employers are responsible for properly addressing issues that may arise in the workplace between employees in order to protect the rights of each individual. However, failing to address an employee's concerns may foster a hostile work environment that could have a serious impact on an employee's life and happiness.

California trucking company sued by EEOC for race discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has announced that it has filed a lawsuit against a California trucking company and the corporation that now owns it for alleged discrimination based on ethnic origin and for race discrimination. The EEOC claims that the corporation that purchased the trucking company should also be held liable for discriminatory and retaliatory employment practices that took place there.

Wal-Mart settles California ethnic harassment case

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has settled a lawsuit against a California Sam's Club store where an employee harassed several other employees about their national origin. According to Reuters, the lawsuit alleged ethnic harassment on the part of one employee of Mexican-American heritage toward nine employees of Mexican descent as well as of an employee who was married to a Mexican national.