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Posts tagged "age discrimination"

Study: 3 men, 3 ages, but only the oldest treated differently

A go-getter, competitive and assertive personality is one that employers value in the workplace, right? It might depend on the industry or the job position; that is true. According to a recent research study, it also depends on your age. The older someone is, the less assertive people expect them to be -- at least according to the study.

Techie world's want of 20-something CEOs results in discrimination

While it's common knowledge that age discrimination is illegal in San Diego workplaces, it's also fairly difficult to prove such allegations against employers in California who use age as a factor to rule out an otherwise-qualified job candidate or candidate for promotion.

Flight attendant says she was illegally fired by Magic Johnson

Although many employment contracts in California are presumed to be at-will, meaning that an employer does have a legal right to fire an employee at any time, employers cannot terminate employees under illegal circumstances.

Does In-N-Out Burger in California discriminate when hiring?

It is difficult for anyone to find a job these days due to the competitive job market in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California. But when employers discriminate against employees and job applicants, it may be especially difficult for some folks to gain employment or advance in the workplace, even when they are qualified for a job or a promotion.

Anchor fired by California news station after she turned 50 years old

Folks might assume that older workers in San Diego are treated with more respect in the workplace due to the years of experience they have compared to younger workers. However, this is not always the case. Age discrimination continues to affect many workers in California and throughout the entire country.

Ex-Pasadena city workers cite wrongful termination after layoffs

It is not uncommon for employers in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California to conduct layoffs when faced with tough economic times. When it comes to tightening budgets, hiring freezes are usually put in place and jobs held by private and government employees may even be eliminated.

EEOC looks into possible discrimination against unemployed job-seekers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is currently investigating whether employers and recruiters are discriminating against unemployed job applicants and, if so, whether it is an illegal practice. According to The Wall Street Journal, the EEOC has been receiving reports of job ads that say that currently unemployed people need not apply as they will not be considered.

Why Can't Older Tech Workers Get Hired?

In our last blog entry, we examined a story in Information Week about a former Apple Store employee who is suing Apple for age discrimination after being passed over several times for promotion. Instead, the suit alleges Apple Store managers chose people who were less experienced, less qualified, and at least 15 years younger. Apple denies the accusations.

Age Discrimination at Apple Stores? Suit Says Yes

A former Apple Store employee who was turned down for promotion several times has sued Apple for age discrimination. The former employee, who was 60 when he was hired, says that each time a promotion opened up at the store, management chose younger, less qualified employees over him for the job.

CA Court of Appeal: Co-Worker Evidence Can Be Used to Support Age Discrimination Claim

A recent ruling by the California Court of Appeal said that plaintiffs alleging age discrimination on the part of an employer can use evidence from co-workers to back up their claim, known as "me too" evidence.