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California employer faces discrimination lawsuits

Our readers in California are used to seeing news reports about gender and race discrimination occurring in Hollywood by now. But, these prominent news stories can easily drown out discrimination cases that have originated from other sources during the same time period of the last year or so.

According to one report, one of the top biomedical institutes in America - located in California - is facing a number of discrimination lawsuits from employees who are alleging that assault and harassment of a sexual nature, as well as gender discrimination, occurred in the workplace. The allegations have come forward over the course of the last year and are directed not only at the biomedical institute, but one of the biologists who works there personally as well. As a result, some of the top-level leaders of the institute have either left the organization or have been suspended pending an investigation.

The gender discrimination allegations brought forward by three female employees state that research funds were directed to their male counterparts more often and that they were excluded from events in which male co-workers participated - denying them the opportunity to network with individuals who contributed private funds to the institute.

Sadly, discrimination and harassment aren't new to female employees in the workplace. However, over the last year or so a brighter light has been shone on this important workplace issue. Perhaps that will help other California residents who have experienced this type of come forward. These individuals may have legal options that they may wish to pursue against their employers in order to put an end to the problem.

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