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Representing terminated workers in severance negotiations

As a previous post on this blog discussed, workers in San Diego who are let go from their job may be offered a severance agreement as they are on the way out to door. This is obviously a stressful time for a worker, and it may be hard to think clearly about whether the severance agreement is in their best interest. As a result, they may be tempted to sign an agreement even though they do not understand it. However, such agreements may put a person at a significant disadvantage should they sign it.

This is why our law office, as part of its comprehensive employment law practice, helps employees who are facing termination review the proposed severance package. It is important that employees facing a severance package understand the legal implications of signing it. This way, an employee can evaluate the agreement and decide whether they should sign it or whether they should explore other legal options.

Once our client understands what they are getting and giving up by signing the agreement, we will go over our client's facts and circumstances just so that they are aware of any other possible legal options they might have available to them. After all, signing a severance agreement will almost always involve an employee giving up valuable legal rights, including the right to sue his or her employer.

A job loss is a difficult experience for anyone, and it is particularly through alone without legal assistance. Our office offers compassionate support to those who are facing a job loss and can help them get through the legal aspects of the process.

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