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Know what steps to take when reporting harassment at work

Although there is a national movement to report and stop harassing behaviors in the workplace, it remains an uphill climb in California to make certain that business owners, supervisors, fellow employees and others do not feel as if they can continue to harass people with no repercussions. Oftentimes, however, people are unaware of what steps to take when they believe they have become a victim of harassment. There are basics that a person who was victimized should remember to ensure that a complaint has a good chance of success.

The percentage of workers who assert they have faced sexual harassment and kept it to themselves rather than tell those at work who have the power to put a stop to it is significant. A survey by CareerBuilder puts the number who were harassed and failed to inform their employer at 72 percent. In addition, 75 percent of people who reported the problem say that it was resolved. Those who are not sure of what to do to report these problems must bear certain facts in mind.

The law is the foundation upon which these behaviors and the response to complaints about them is based. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that it is sex discrimination if a person is sexually harassed. With that comes the fundamental right for protection from discrimination at work, provided there are 15 or more employees. This is based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Companies will also have their own policy for sexual harassment. This can be beneficial for a case as there will be steps that the victim should take. It is imperative to document what happened, with the names of the people who committed the acts and those who might have been witnesses to it. This should be given to the appropriate entities at work.

For those who are being harassed or discriminated against, it is important to remember that there are options to put a stop to the behavior and perhaps receive compensation. If it led to a firing, lost wages or other problems on the job, then it is even more vital to know how to proceed. A law firm experienced in helping those who have faced harassment at work can be of assistance in a case.