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Representing Californians deprived of breaks

A previous post on this blog discussed how, under California law, an employer in San Diego or, for that matter, in any other part of the state has to give all employees who are paid by the hour a certain number of breaks. These breaks must be provided under certain conditions and must also last for a specified amount of time. Certain breaks must also be provided with compensation.

However, the fact that the law affords California employees with the breaks they need to rest and thus protect their physical and mental safety does not mean that all employers respect the law. Some may flat out ignore it in the hopes their employees will be too frightened to report the violation, while many others will try to subtly get around California's laws. In either case, employees who suspect they are being taken advantage of might not know exactly what to do or where to turn.

For those in and around San Diego, our law office stands ready to help with employees' wage and hour questions, including questions about whether they are getting the proper breaks. The first step we take is to evaluate our clients' concerns to see if they constitute a claim that can be taken before a court or administrative agency. When doing so, we use our knowledge and over 100 years' combined experience to give our clients frank, honest advice.

If we do determine our client has a claim and our client wishes to pursue litigation in order to vindicate his or her rights, then, as seasoned advocates for California employees, we work hard to prosecute our clients' claims to the fullest extent of the law, including pursuing the penalties California imposes on employers who refuse to provide their employees with the rest time required under the law.

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