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Large media company accused of workplace discrimination

In San Diego, across California and throughout the United States, there are laws in place to provide protection for employees against discrimination in the workplace. Although these laws are designed to discourage such treatment, workplace discrimination does occur and it can happen for a multitude of reasons. Those who are confronted with having their employee rights violated need to be aware that they can seek compensation under the law. This is true whether it is a small, medium or large business that is alleged to have committed the violation.

Former employees of the New York Times say that they were discriminated against due to their age, gender and race. The two employees who filed a class action lawsuit are African-American women and they are in their 60s. The complaint states that the company seeks to have younger, single and white employees. The women were employed in advertising and state that they received less pay than fellow employees who were younger and white. In addition, they say that the company passed them, over, and other people of color, for job promotions.

The lawsuit says that since a new chief executive officer took charge, there has been an increase in younger workers and more white workers hired. The executive vice president of the company is alleged to have said that there was a need for employees who look like the targeted audience, implying that the employees should be young and white.

A past management history of this particular CEO is mentioned regarding a previous lawsuit when he worked at the BBC and the company lost an age discrimination case filed by a woman. There have been other claims that the paper pays females less in salary than their male counterparts. The lawsuit seeks financial compensation and there is the possibility that other plaintiffs might join the case.

Those who believe they have been discriminated against at their place of employment might not realize that they have various rights under the law. Although there have been great strides taken in the attempt to make certain that everyone is treated fairly, these issues still crop up with an alarming regularity. It is with this in mind that those who have been victimized need to understand how to pursue compensation through a lawsuit with help from an experienced employment attorney.

Source: gothamist.com, "New York Times Executives Sued For Alleged Race, Gender, Age Discrimination," Emma Whitford, April 28, 2016