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Disney sued for workplace discrimination in California

The "Muppets" franchise, owned by Disney and based out of California, has been entertaining Americans for decades. However, despite the funny and carefree attitude of the characters on the show, working for "Muppets" is a serious matter and misconduct is fully punishable by law. One of the female first assistant film editors for the "Muppets" movie is suing Disney for workplace discrimination by her employer, the editor of the film.

The woman filed a formal complaint against her employer for discrimination based on gender, race, and age. Her employer then fired her claiming her position was terminated when in fact he was promoting a significantly less qualified male employee. His claim is false as well as preposterous because the plaintiff has experience working for numerous other film productions including "8 Mile" and "Vanilla Sky." The plaintiff also claims that the defendant discriminated against other female employees.

Gender discrimination and wrongful termination should never be tolerated. A lawsuit can help the victim financially to recover emotional damages after being treated in such a negative way. Like in this plaintiff's case, a lawsuit can also help recover lost wages and periods of unemployment.

It is unsure at this time how much money the plaintiff is eligible to receive if her case is won, but the woman is pursuing a lawsuit for damages nonetheless. It can be intimidating to sue a huge corporation such as Disney. Regardless, if employment law is being broken in California, the victim has the undeniable right to sue under both state and federal statutes.

Source: thewrap.com, "Disney Sued Over Alleged Gender Discrimination on 'Muppets' Movie," Tim Kenneally, June 5, 2013

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