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Does In-N-Out Burger in California discriminate when hiring?

It is difficult for anyone to find a job these days due to the competitive job market in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California. But when employers discriminate against employees and job applicants, it may be especially difficult for some folks to gain employment or advance in the workplace, even when they are qualified for a job or a promotion.

Two men recently filed a class action lawsuit against In-N-Out Burger after they were both denied jobs at the restaurant's California locations over the summer. The men applied for jobs at locations in Oakland and San Francisco. Both believed they were qualified for the jobs they had applied for, but the men were never given the opportunity to work at In-N-Out Burger. They believe the restaurant did not hire them because they are over the age of 40 and because they are black.

There are more than 200 In-N-Out Burger restaurants in California. The restaurant claims that it does not discriminate against job applicants, but the lawsuit that was filed against the chain this month claims that the majority of the restaurant's workers are not black and they are not older than 40.

Since the two men are filing a class action lawsuit against In-N-Out Burger, they are requesting compensation on behalf of all other qualified job applicants who have been denied a position at the restaurant because of their age, color or race.

Workers need to understand that discrimination should not be tolerated in the workplace or during the hiring process. When workers believe that they have been denied a job or promotion because of their religion, disability, gender, age or race, they have every right to seek counsel from an employment law attorney.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Oakland: Lawsuit accuses In-N-Out Burger of racial and age discrimination," Sept. 6, 2012

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