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Women workers still being paid less than men

The Wall Street Journal recently discussed a new government report that compiles data on the state of women in the U.S., including statistics on employment and earnings. The report found that women are on equal ground or have surpassed men in terms of educational achievement and participation in the workforce, but that women are still being paid lower wages for the same jobs and overall.

Women have made considerable strides in many ways. In 1970, 8 percent of women had college degrees. By 2009, the proportion of women with a college degree jumped to 28 percent. Over the last 50 years, the number of women in the workforce has doubled. According to the WSJ, 61 percent of women age 20 and older are in the workforce. The report found that wage and income inequity still persists between men and women, despite women's gains.

Women are also employed at lower rates than men in the fields of science and math, such as engineering and computer programming, which are generally highly paid. Women still make up the majority of those employed in administrative jobs, which are lower paying. According to the WSJ, as of 2009, women make an average of 75 percent less than men for the same jobs.


Strides by Women, Still a Wage Gap (The Wall Street Journal)

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