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Charlie Sheen's wrongful termination lawsuit: Part 2

The previous post began to discuss Charlie Sheen's wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, Warner Bros. Sheen was fired from television's number one comedy show, "Two and a Half Men," after ranting against his employers and experiencing a series of personal problems. Also named in the lawsuit is the show's co-creator, Chuck Lorre. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Esq., on Tuesday, the private dispute-resolution company, JAMS, decided that Sheen's case should be decided by a JAMS arbitrator through private arbitration.

Sheen's attorney has said that it is understandable that Chuck Lorre would want to keep the proceedings a secret, but that the facts will come out and show that Sheen should not have been fired from his job. According to THR, Esq., Sheen wants his case to be decided by a jury in a public trial. THR, Esq., reports that juries tend to side with celebrities, even if they have been exhibiting odd behavior in the news. This fact might cause Warner Bros. to settle the case before trial, which could result in a better outcome for Sheen than in arbitration behind closed doors.

Sheen's attorney will possibly ask a judge to stop the arbitration by trying to convince the judge that the arbitration clause in Sheen's employment contract does not apply to some of the issues in the case. Attorneys for Warner Bros. and Lorre must also file petitions in court to ask for arbitration. The decision by JAMS gives momentum to Warner Bros. and Lorre's side, but there is still a chance that Sheen can get his day in court.


Charlie Sheen Suffers Setback in Legal Battle With Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre (Exclusive) (The Hollywood Reporter, Esq.)

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