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DMV Employee who Warned Transgender Woman of Hell Resigns

The California DMV employee who allegedly wrote a letter to a transgender person warning her that she would go to hell has resigned from his position. The transgender woman filed a lawsuit against the DMV earlier this month asking for damages for suffering from embarrassment and emotional distress. She claims that after she went to the DMV to change her name and gender on her license, the DMV employee used her personal information to send her a letter at her home.

The DMV allowed the employee to resign, but he will not be given benefits or unemployment. The employee was on paid leave as the DMV investigated the incident, but was then forced to resign. The transgender woman's lawsuit says that the man sent a similar letter to a transgender person in 2009 and should have been fired at that time. Instead, he was disciplined and had to undergo sensitivity training and counseling before being allowed to continue his job.

According to CNN, the DMV says that they believe the incident was isolated. They say that their 9,000 employees routinely undergo training to increase their awareness of different cultures and other issues. The DMV says that their employees are told that customers should be treated "fairly and equitably" and that their former employee acted in a "wholly unauthorized" and inappropriate manner.


DMV employee resigns over letter condemning customer to hell (CNN)

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