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David Boreanaz Sued by 'Bones' Extra for Sexual Harassment

A woman who was employed as an extra on the popular TV show, "Bones," filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against David Boreanaz late last month. Boreanaz both stars on the show and is an executive producer. 20th Century Fox Television is also named as a defendant in the suit, as are various other production companies involved in the show. Kristina Hagan filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

Hagan's attorney, Gloria Allred, says she is also representing another woman with a similar charge against Boreanaz of sexual harassment in employment. Allred describes Hagan as a struggling actress who is working hard but not having much luck in the Hollywood entertainment business, which makes her, and actresses like her, vulnerable to people in positions of power.

Representatives for Boreanaz have claimed the allegations are false and "absurd" fabrications.

Hagan was working as an extra in an episode of "Bones" in August 2009 when the alleged sexual harassment occurred. In the lawsuit, Hagan accuses Boreanaz of using his position on the show and his 'star power' to exploit her vulnerability in order to gain sexual favors. The lawsuit claims that Boreanaz made unwanted sexual advances toward Hagan while offering to help Hagan with her career.  

The lawsuit says that Hagan tried her best to deter the sexual advances without offending Boreanaz because he had offered to help her with her career. The lawsuit cites instances of Boreanaz trying to grope or kiss Hagan as well as instances of Boreanaz allegedly sending sexually explicit and graphic text messages, including one that had a photo attached of Boreanaz's genitals.

Hagan's lawsuit claims that she suffered emotional and psychological distress as a result of the harassment as well as wage losses and loss of benefits. 



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