Employment Law Settlement of Legal Claims

Having represented over 4,000 clients since 1992, San Diego Employment Law Group has had vast experience obtaining employment law settlements. The firm provides an analysis of each client's case and presents options for resolution. Often, the most effective path is to settle employment disputes through negotiation, outside of the courtroom. The lawyers at San Diego Employment Law Group have settled countless employment law cases for clients throughout California.

Employment Attorneys In San Diego: Discrimination Settlements And More

The firm's clients receive advice and counsel custom-tailored to their unique situations. If you are an employee taking action against your employer, your attorney may prepare a letter to the employer setting forth a factual and legal basis for taking legal action and demanding a suitable settlement such as financial compensation or reinstatement to your job. In sending such a letter, the firm will learn more about the case, as typically the employer's lawyers will send a response stating the employer's point of view.

Due to the firm's extensive employment law experience and track record of handling complex cases, the attorneys are aware of the many possible issues that may be included in an employment law settlements.

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If you would like speak with a highly experienced California employment law attorney about settlement of your legal claim at no charge, you may contact our offices at either (619) 821-9384, (858) 314-8867 or (760) 683-8156 to set up an appointment. San Diego Employment Law Group has offices in San Diego's Mission Valley, Del Mar Heights and in Carlsbad, California.